CAPIC SUDS Housing & Basic Support Program

In January 2016 CAPIC was awarded a Housing & Basic Support Grant from the City of Chelsea. The goal of this grant is to reduce alcohol and opioid use and abuse within Chelsea. CAPIC has hired a full-time Project Manager to address the issues faced by individuals suffering from alcohol and substance use and provide access to treatment, transitional housing, and resources to support individuals identified through the Chelsea Community Health Navigators.  

The aim of this program is to connect individuals with substance abuse disorders to appropriate interventions in a coordinated way and to increase their quality of life as well as their ability to lead a self-sustaining life. Direct services include: emergency housing, transitional housing, emergency food vouchers, cab vouchers or MBTA passes, work stipends, as well as referrals to CAPIC's Workforce Development Program and Responsible Payee Program.

Program Director: Gladys Valentin-Agneta, 617-884-6130, ext. 128